Why baby wearing?

Attachment describes the strong, emotional connection between child and caregiver, a bond that will last for a life time. A secure attachment, gained by close body contact and the affectionate meeting of baby’s needs, will allow children to thrive and to develop confidence and independence.

Lovaloom guarantees your baby the perfect postition in complete harmony with the mother. The weight is so well distributed that you will feel like you are wearing your usual clothes only.

  • - Physical closeness

    - Great change

    - Right temperature

    - Feel safe and secure

    - Undisturbed sleep easy

  • - Secure attachment

    - Develop confidence

    - Responsive parenting easier
    - Natural spread-squat position

    - Wonderful moments of closeness

  • - Travels

    - Freedom to continue moving

    - Ergonomic

    - Helps you to manage life

    - Respect baby’s needs and daily rhythm while doing the things you need and love at the same time.

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