How to Wrap

1. Hold the sling across your chest so that the middle marker of the sling is aligned with the centre of your chest.
2. Place the sling around the upper body and place both upper hems on your back in one hand. With the other hand, reach under the length of fabric and grip the opposite upper hem.
3. Route both ends over your shoul- ders and to the front so that they form a cross (X) on your back.
4. Gather the length of fabric running across your chest from the top down and clench the ends hanging down from your shoulders under your arms.
5. Pick up the child with both hands and position its belly over your shoulders so that it is well secured on one side by your neck and, on the other side, by your hand, which should grip the upper body. While you wrap the child in the sling, hold onto the child securely with one hand.
6. Slide your child, legs first, through the gathered wrap until it is seated upon it (its belly against yours) in a squatting position. While doing this, keep holding the child securely by gripping a thigh diagonally across the back. With the other hand, grip the upper hem of the gathered wrap.
7. Draw the upper hem upwards until it sits approx. two fingers wide above the child‘s ears. While doing this, continue to hold the child securely.
8. Now draw the lower hem of the sling between your belly and that of your child so that a pouch is formed that supports the child from one hollow of the knee to the other.
9. Now grip the strand below the other strand on your back and pull the hem, positioned against your neck, tight and outwards.
10. Begin to pull the sling through tight one length at a time (i.e. bit by bit, since the sling can never be tightened across its entire width if you only pull one corner). The thumb of the other hand, which is, at the same time, securing the pouch un- der the baby‘s bottom, is positioned under the sling strand and indicates where you need to pull the sling tight. Reach below the thumb and pull the respective strands tight and downwards, transferring the sling one length at a time in the other hand without reducing the tension..
11. Repeat this on the other side: First, tighten the hem adjacent to the neck by pulling this outward.
12. Now also tighten this side of the sling by pulling downwards firmly, one length at a time (cf. point 10 in this regard), and transferring it to the other hand.
13. Route the sling ends, keeping them tight, laterally along the child, cross them over under the child‘s bottom and twist them once more.
14. Route the sling cords, keeping them taut, backwards and knot them twice, with a secure double knot, on your back.
15. Now check that the sling is sitting tightly and supports your baby well from the hollows of the knees up to the area above the ears, where the sling should extend by a width of two fingers, without squashing the child uncomfortably. The hollows of the knees should be level with or higher than the navel, and the back should be rounded. If needed, tighten the sling again and re-knot it.
16. While carrying the child, please check regularly that the sling is positioned correctly and that your child is comfortable.

Concluding Notes

If you are unsure whether you have correctly understood and can correctly apply the directions for use or these safety instructions, consult a qualified person (for instance, a certified babywearing consultant) prior to using the sling. If you have any questions or feel uncomfortable about using the sling, please consult a qualified advisor or seek assistance from lovaloom: Contact