Review of Astra Sealight by Manami on Instagram

Review of Astra Sealight by Manami on Instagram

テスターツアー中のlovaloom astra💕ずっと憧れてたアストラちゃん、ようやく本物に触れました😆


下の子をおんぶしようと布を広げた途端、「これ!これでおんぶしておんぶしておんぶして!」と大騒ぎの兄4歳 17.8kg。

Lovaloom astra during the tester tour💕 Astra who longed for a long time, finally touched the real thing 😆 Huh cute Support strength firmly with moderate thickness. Tightening is no problem as it is soft. As soon as he spread the cloth to piggyback on the lower child, he said, "This! My sister, 1 year and 4 months old, 9.6kg, who was full of enthusiasm, couldn't give up even if she cryed. My brother still loves piggyback riding. Enjoy the trial period thoroughly.

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