Review of Unicorns Porpora by Elke Wellens

Review of Unicorns Porpora by Elke Wellens

With 2 daughters of 6 and (nearly) 3 years old, we live in a world full of elves, princesses and unicorns. This must be the most perfect wrap for them! Oh, we were all thrilled with joy when the wrap arrived. At first glance, it seemed greyish, but when I looked closer, I saw that the threads were purple. The colour changed in the light, and it was difficult to catch it on camera! The unicorn pattern is placed in all directions, which leaves you with a wrap that has no top and bottom side. Nothing so disappointing than doing a great wrap job, and then figure out the pattern is upside down, right? On the inside of the rails, Lovaloom leaves its brand name. A beautiful, subtle touch.

The size 6 is after washing precisely 4.6 meters and 66 cm wide. The wrap has a rather big “warning label”. Of course, safety will always go first, but in a wrap like this I find it a bit pitiful and troublesome when making a knot.

Fresh out of the package, it felt already very soft, but after washing it became indeed “kittenbelly soft”, as advertised on their website. I can hardly find a better word to describe the softness of this wrap. When you buy this wrap during pregnancy, you don’t need to do anything to make it soft enough before baby arrives. Just wash, that’s it. I find this a very big asset!

It may be a soft and rather thin (240 g/m2) wrap, but he does feel very sturdy and supportive. The jacquard weave has no definite structures in it, which makes it feel smooth. It drapes nicely, and is very easy to tighten without being slippery. This wrap is really tightening itself, and is perfectly suitable for both starters as well as experienced wrappers. A wonderful newborn wrap, but supportive enough to use for a bigger baby as well. Even with her 15 kilograms, the wrap supported my youngest daughter nicely in a multilayer wrapjob.

Besides soft and easy to wrap with, it also feels extraordinary airy and cool. This feature can be attributed to the percentage viscose bamboo. When you recently gave birth and getting flushed with hormones, a wrap which cools you down can be a real blessing! As a real summer wrap is not always easy to tighten, this one is a wonderful alternative.

One of our testers wrote: “I’m in love with this wrap! What a glory! 7 kilometers of hiking and my son still feels like a feather <3.” And a small note to add: her man (who wasn’t really into of the art of wrapping), was completely convinced after trying this wrap.

Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Elke Wellens
babywearing consultant with sling library in Belgium,

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