Review of Lovalova Pansy by Georgiana Waldman

I had 2 Lovalooms. My first Lovaloom was a Lovalova Pansy Perfect in size 6. I fell in love with its WQ. It was our favourite wrap, perfect drape and that gorgeous purple suited perfect with everything.
After this beautiful experience we decided to buy a woolie Flora. Snow Crocus 4 has exceeded my expectations. Amazing colours, easy to wrap with, soft, it wrapped like a bandage. The shipping was very fast, no difficulties although it was ordered on sales in full winter season. It was a pleasant experience and the fact that my package wasn't lost or forgot to be delivered unlike in similar circumstances when I bought from other big HE sellers, definately would make me order again and warmly recommend it to all my babywearing friends for its quality in all domains, including the services and care offered to their customers. Thank you !