Review of Mojo Mono by Hazel Snell

"Blend: 100% Cotton, GSM: 240

I was really curious to try this wrap as it is not one that i would have usually picked. Out the bag it is so soft and floppy. Intial impressions seemed like it would be slippery to wrap with due to how soft it was and the blend of 100% cotton, I was completely wrong. It tightened so nicely it was like a wonderful bandage. Due to being able to tighten it so well it gave incredible support and made it completely wiggle proof! A super sturdy wrap job. In multiple passes I would happily used it for my heavy baby and toddler although for my toddler it wouldn't be my first choice but would certainly do the job.
I would pick this wrap when teaching someone to wrap with for the first time, it was perfect to learn about where to pull to get each bit to tighten, it is very responsive and tightening was easy it also has good diagonal stretch. It would be perfect for learning back carries in multiple layers. Its mouldable, airy and soft. Definately suitable for newborns due to it being easy care. Would be perfect for skin to skin and to be used as a blanket.

The pattern is eye catching and different. It does have a significant 'wrong side' which in certain carries would be noticeable although the colours compliment the wrap so it still looks pretty."

Hazel Snell, School of Babywearing, UK

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